Obama wins court battle against environmental group over presidential center

 April 11, 2024

Barack Obama has just secured a crushing court victory against an environmental group in his effort to build a towering monument to his ego in Chicago's historic Hyde Park neighborhood. 

The 7th Circuit Appeals court sided with the Obama Foundation against the local group Protect Our Parks, which has fought a years-long uphill battle to stop Obama from ripping up Jackson Park on the South Side.

The historic location is the chosen site of the 19-acre Obama Presidential Center, a sprawling complex dedicated to the legacy of the former president.

The area is dear to Obama, who has a home in the neighborhood and traces his political origin story to Chicago.

Obama's crushing win

Protect Our Parks argued that Chicago breached the public trust when it leased a large tract of Jackson Park to Obama for his vanity project.

The local group has cited concerns about the environment and the cultural significance of Jackson Park, which was the centerpiece of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. However, their legal challenges have not been successful.

Three judges on the Seventh Circuit dismissed the group's ongoing challenges and expressed hope that the matter was finally settled.

“Construction of the Center is now well underway, and yet the plaintiffs demand that we put a stop to it and, we assume, order the defendants to restore the site," the court wrote.

"But they have failed to show that they are entitled to any relief relating to their overarching claim against the Center, no matter under what theory."

Obama applauds ruling

Protect Our Parks called the ruling “wrong on every critical question of law and fact that it addressed” and pledged to keep fighting.

The ruling was applauded by Obama-world, which hailed the arrival of Obama's "world-class" complex.

"Our focus through the legal journey has been to protect the interests of our community and ensure we are able to deliver on the commitment we’ve made to bring our world-class institution to Chicago,” Obama Foundation CEO Valerie Jarrett said.

“We’re eager to bring the Obama Presidential Center to life and this ruling brings us one step closer to doing just that.”

Despite being out of office for nearly a decade, Obama has remained politically engaged as a surrogate of Joe Biden and a spokesman for "our democracy" against Donald Trump.

The Democratic party will stage its convention in Chicago this summer.

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