Obamas listed as producers on controversial Netflix cartoon

 December 30, 2023

Libs of TikTok, the social media account that brings viral attention to questionable content from the left, exposed a disturbing situation involving the Obamas. 

According to Breitbart, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are listed as executive producers on a Netflix cartoon titled, "Ada Twist, Scientist."

The problem, according to a flood of complaints to Libs of TikTok from many parents, is that the show -- geared toward preschool-age children -- focuses on the children gearing up for and attending their teacher's gay wedding.

The show has sparked a firestorm of controversy as many believe the show's theme isn't appropriate for such young children. Many have filed it under "indoctrination."

What happened?

The primary point of controversy, according to feedback received by the popular social media account, is that the show is supposed to be about science or at least educational in nature.

"Episode of “Ada Twist, Scientist” on Netflix showcases young students coming together to set up and celebrate their teacher’s gay wedding. This is aimed at preschoolers. Barack and Michelle Obama are the executive producers. Received this from a parent who let her kids watch it as it’s a popular show and she says she was shocked and horrified to see this and wouldn’t let her children watch it anymore," Libs of TikTok wrote.

It added, "This is supposed to be a show about science!"

Breitbart noted:

In the clip from Season 4, Episode 11’s “Blue River Wedding,” an adult character describes the union of two men, “Sensei Dave” and “Jiu Jitsu Joe,” as “the wedding of the year.” A young girl leads her entourage around, barking out demands and acting as their wedding planner. One of the grooms thanks the children “for making our special day happen.”

A later scene showed the children in attendance at the wedding.

Social media responds

The clip, shared by Libs of TikTok and many others, immediately went viral, and scores of concerned parents chimed in.

"I'm gay. This propagandizing at children needs to stop. I bet the writer thinks she's an ~ally~ but she's not helping us, quite the opposite in fact. Gay stuff does not need to be in children's media! Stop it!" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "I’m won’t let my 8 year old watch Netflix unaccompanied. No one should be leaving a preschooler alone with Netflix."

Other parents continued that sentiment, vowing to not let their children watch Netflix -- at least not without close supervision.

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