Observers say Michelle Obama is lying about not having political ambitions

 March 3, 2024

While President Joe Biden continues to suffer from abysmal poll numbers, many observers have nevertheless dismissed talk of former First Lady Michelle Obama replacing him as the Democratic Party's nominee.

They include Republican strategist Karl Rove, who has pointed to Mrs. Obama's claim that she hates politics. However, two figures recently accused the former first lady of lying about her real feelings.

"Let's not kid anyone: Michelle Obama is very political"

That contention was put forward in a New York Post op-ed piece this weekend by former Democratic New York City Council President Andrew Stein and conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

"Many Republicans reflexively recite the mantra that Michelle Obama is enjoying her life, isn't political — and won’t likely to step in," the pair wrote.

"Let's not kid anyone: Michelle Obama is very political. And always has been," they asserted, noting how Mrs. Obama is "the daughter of a Chicago Democratic Party precinct captain, Fraser Robinson."

Stein and Gilbert further recalled how the former first lady has "written about making the rounds with her father from age four, visiting homes in her area to get out the black vote for the white liberal Chicago Democratic Party machine."

Mrs. Obama's former law school professor says she "should have been president"

What's more, they pointed out how she served as class treasurer in high school and befriended the daughter of left-wing activist Jesse Jackson.

Mrs. Obama's political involvement continued while attending Princeton University, being elected to the board of a radical black activist organization known as the Third World Center.

Later, she went on to study under Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, who also taught her future husband.

Ogletree told TMZ during a 2017 interview that Barack Obama's "wife should have been president," adding that she was "better" as a student and "could easily be president."

Authors say Mrs. Obama might stop the "hemorrhaging" of black votes to Trump

Stein and Gilbert later pointed out that nominating the former first lady would "solve two major problems for Democrats."

"First, she can bring back the black voters who have been steadily hemorrhaging to Donald Trump," they maintained.

"Second, the very unpopular Kamala Harris would be leapfrogged without any repercussions from the minority community," they stressed.

Finally, Stein and Gilbert highlighted a statement Mrs. Obama released on January 7, 2021, concluding that it "alone should prove Michelle Obama is a very political woman — and has her sights on the White House in 2024."

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