New Ocasio-Cortez documentary on climate change legislation flops badly in theaters

 December 16, 2022

A climate change documentary co-starring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her Green New Deal legislative proposals was released in select theaters nationwide last weekend to rave reviews.

Unfortunately for the progressive congresswoman and filmmakers, hardly anybody actually bought tickets for the movie and it was a complete box office dud, the Tampa Free Press reported.

The film flopped in spite of, or perhaps because of, the glowing reviews and high praise it received from climate activism-adjacent mainstream media outlets and industry establishment movie critics.

This ... is not good

According to Fox News, the Ocasio-Cortez documentary debuted in 120 theaters across the nation last weekend but drew less than $10,000 in box office ticket sales, which works out to a paltry average of around $80 dollars in sales per theater.

The film, titled "To The End," features the New York congresswoman, climate change activist Varshini Prakash, climate policy writer Rhiana Gunn-Wright, and progressive political strategist Alexandra Rojas.

It chronicles the four-year period between Ocasio-Cortez's introduction of the Green New Deal legislative proposals and the ensuing fight to try and make those far-fetched climate goals a reality, with a modicum of victory declared over President Joe Biden's signing of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that was little more than a scaled-down and renamed variation of the initial climate change policy proposals.

The documentary was created by the same team of leftist filmmakers that created "Knock Down the House," the award-winning and critically acclaimed film, which was largely panned by audiences, about Ocasio-Cortez and other young progressives as they ran insurgent campaigns in the 2018 Democratic primary elections.

According to the film's website, and after opening on 120 screens last weekend, it appears that the "To The End" documentary is now only showing in four theaters -- three in Michigan and one in Virginia.

Why aren't people seeing this film?

Per Fox News, there have been several movies recently that were well-received at the various film festivals and deemed award-worthy that later bombed in theaters among general audiences.

Part of the reason for that, analysts say, is that the rise of streaming platforms has led to a reduction in theater audiences, movie-goers no longer trust the reviews of film critics, and too many of those dud films are focused on topics that general audiences simply aren't overly interested in.

All of those and more -- such as a broad distaste for being preached at or lectured to by arrogant activists -- are likely contributing factors to the stunning lack of success for Ocasio-Cortez's climate change documentary.

Will failure be acknowledged or spun as success?

It remains to be seen if the democratic socialist congresswoman from New York City will acknowledge the failure of her film about climate change legislation or attempt to still spin its obvious flop as some sort of goalpost-moving measure of success.

More likely, little or nothing will be said about it at all -- except maybe to accuse absent audiences of racism for not rushing out to buy tickets -- and everybody will move on as if nothing happened.

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