Officials provide update regarding downed unidentified objects over North America

 February 12, 2023

According to Fox News, U.S. government officials have just provided an update on the two unidentified flying objects that were recently shot out of the sky by the U.S. military. 

Now, it is believed that the objects are, once again, balloons.


Recently, a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to float across the United States before the administration of President Joe Biden finally gave the go-ahead to shoot the object down over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of South Carolina.

Following that report, other reports emerged indicating that there were more balloons, including one over Latin America. The Biden administration also revealed that such Chinese spy balloons are not unheard of.

More recently, on Friday, the U.S. government revealed that the military had shot down an unidentified flying object that was seen near Alaska. Then, on Saturday, the U.S. government indicated that it shot down another unidentified flying object that was flying over Canada.

Details about these various incidents have been hard to come. And, to a large extent, this remains to be the case.

The latest update

U.S. officials have now provided a small amount of information about the two flying objects that they have just shot down.

For one thing, the objects are being described by U.S. government officials as a "small metallic balloon with a tethered payload."

The government officials also indicate that the objects are significantly smaller than the initial Chinese spy balloon, which is said to be about two to three buses in size. The object that was shot down near Alaska is described as being about the size of a "small car."

The government officials also indicated that - at least with regard to the object shot down over Canada - they had been tracking it for over a day before they decided to shoot it down.

This, however, is all the information that has been provided.

Where's the transparency?

The government's explanation of these situations, to say the least, leaves a lot to be desired. It leaves numerous important questions unanswered.

The most important question of all, of course, is who is behind these objects. Is it, once again, China? The U.S. government, for now, is refusing to answer this question - it, in fact, claims to not know the answer.

Recovery efforts are underway for all of the objects that have been shot down, including the initial Chinese spy balloon and the objects that were shot down over the weekend.

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