Oklahoma GOP ends support for Langford over Senate immigration deal

 January 29, 2024

The Oklahoma GOP has turned its back on Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) because of his leadership role in negotiations for an immigration deal with the Biden administration that most Republicans don't support.

The deal expands Green Cards by 50,000 per year and could allow 35,000 illegal immigrants a week before any border controls are implemented.

Illegal immigrants would also be able to get work permits to legally take jobs from Americans and unaccompanied children would be entitled to lawyers paid for by taxpayers.

The Oklahoma GOP adopted a censure resolution against Lankford last week.

Strongly condemn

The resolution read,

Be it resolved that the OKGOP strongly condemns Senator James Lankford, if and to the extent that he continues these actions, and calls upon him to cease and desist jeopardizing the security and liberty of the people of Oklahoma and of these United States. Be it resolved that until Senator Lankford ceases from these actions, the Oklahoma Republican Party will cease all support for him. 

“We oppose a ‘path to citizenship’ that would grant citizenship to illegal aliens,” the OKGOP members said, adding that “authorizing several thousand people to invade our borders before any action can be taken is contrary to the oath that Senator Lankford took to the Constitution and therefore outside of the area that he is authorized to negotiate on.”

The bill gives away too much and would make the illegal immigration problem worse. It would cost the government money it doesn't have, and it continues to encourage more illegal immigrants to come across the border.

Of course, President Joe Biden supports the deal--he's desperate for it, in fact.

Can't give Biden a win

On top of making immigration worse, which is what Biden wants, it will give him a "win" months before the election and take away Republican complaints about immigration--one of only a few issues that Americans appear to care about when it comes to their votes.

If it was the right thing to do and would make immigration better, then I wouldn't worry about giving Biden a win.

A bill that really controls immigration and secures the borders would be a win for everyone, but that's not what the Senate agreement is.

That deal would let Biden claim a win that isn't really a win--making the problem worse--so it would hurt the country twice.

No self-respecting Republican would support that, advocate for it, or let it happen.

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Thomas Jefferson
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