Oklahoma judge resigns after she was caught sending 500 texts during baby's murder trial

 February 11, 2024

An Oklahoma judge really stepped in it during a recent murder trial that involved a 2-year-old boy.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge Traci Soderstrom from Lincoln County District finally made one right call by stepping down after being caught sending over 500 texts during the murder trial of a 2-year-old child.

The judge faced extreme public backlash after her antics were made public.

Her resignation ultimately came after she faced an investigation for inappropriate and insensitive conduct during the murder trial.

What happened?

During the heated murder trial, which was extraordinarily sensitive given the victims involved, the judge could be seen on camera scrolling through Facebook and sending a high volume of texts.

The Daily Mail noted:

Soderstrom was caught sending more than 500 texts and scrolling through Facebook during jury selection, opening statements and testimony in the trial for a man charged with the fatal beating of his girlfriend's son.

Ultimately, a petition was filed after the trial citing the text messages she sent, which reportedly made fun of the jury, attorneys, and witnesses.

The outlet noted:

The filing said Soderstrom demonstrated a dislike for state prosecutors and appeared to favor the defendant - even complimenting the defense attorney.
Accusations against the judge include gross neglect of duty, gross partiality in office and oppression in office, the filing states.

As it would turn out, the judge was texting the bailiff throughout the trial.

She resigned

The disgraced judge released a statement in the wake of handing in her resignation, ultimately admitting that she "faltered" as a human, but was intent on applying the law equally.

"I promised to ensure the law and procedures were applied equally to Plaintiff and Defendant alike," Soderstrom said in a statement that was released by her lawyer.

She added, '"In spite of resistance at nearly every turn, I believe that I have done so. However, being human, I have also faltered."

As a result of her resignation, the judge agreed to never seek a judicial position in the state of Oklahoma. Thankfully, they rooted her out, as it's probably not the first time she's displayed such egregious behavior in the courtroom.

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