Once again, Biden's communications team had to clean up the president's mistakes

 September 13, 2023

In recent weeks, the White House communications team has been forced to play defense as the president continues to be scrutinized for apparent gaffes and slip-ups.

During remarks commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, President Joe Biden claimed he had visited Ground Zero the day after the attack, as The Daily Caller reported.

However, the White House was unable to provide evidence to support this claim, instead pointing to a later visit on September 20, 2001.

White House Mistakes

The president's remarks were added to the list of recent gaffes for which his staff has had to account. Later on Monday, the president's official Twitter account reportedly deleted a post after it was criticized for inadvertently featuring the leader of the Vietnamese National Assembly in a statement intended to thank the president of the country.

A day earlier, during a press conference in Vietnam, a Biden staffer rushed to cut off the president as he gave a rambling response to a reporter's query.

"I’ll tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go to bed,” Biden said while trying to answer the reporter’s question.

“Thank you everybody, this ends the press conference,” a staffer is heard saying off-screen after Biden attempted to answer a follow-up question.

Another Incident

Biden appeared to commit a faux pas earlier in the week when he walked out of a Medal of Honor presentation ceremony on September 5, leaving the award recipient on stage. Reporters questioned White House press secretary Jean-Pierre the following day about the incident.

Jean-Pierre defended the president's actions, alleging that the White House had planned for Vice President Biden to leave the ceremony during the intermission in order to avoid contact with attendees after being potentially exposed to COVID-19.

“You all reported that. You noticed that he left when there was a pause in the program because, again, he wanted to minimize his impact on folks who were there,” Jean-Pierre said during the briefing.

Jean-Pierre had previously stated that the president would wear a mask when in close proximity to others; however, he did not wear a mask when presenting the Medal of Honor.

Before delivering remarks on September 6, Biden strode into a room with reporters while holding a mask, causing confusion as to whether the president was adhering to the White House COVID-19 guidelines Jean-Pierre had informed reporters of.

“They keep telling me, because it has to be 10 days or something, I gotta keep wearing it,” Biden said, referring to his mask. “Don’t tell them I didn’t have it when I walked in.”

When the president erroneously stated, "practically speaking," that he had declared a national climate emergency during an interview with The Weather Channel about a month prior, Jean-Pierre was asked about the incident.

“This is a president that has taken really an ambitious approach to climate change,” Jean-Pierre said when asked on CNN about the president’s gaffe.

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