Outlet compares the lying of Joe Biden with that of George Santos

 January 29, 2023

The Daily Caller just released an article in which the outlet looks to determine whether President Joe Biden or U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is the bigger liar. 

The article is titled, "Who's the bigger liar, George Santos or Joe Biden? Here's the breakdown."


To describe Santos as "embattled" would be an understatement. He has been facing calls to resign ever since he was just recently sworn into his first term in Congress.

Those calls for Santos's resignation are not completely without merit. They followed reports that Santos lied about significant parts of his biography, including about his school and work experience.

Santos has since admitted to at least some of the lies. But, he has fought back against calls for his resignation and has insisted that he will not be deterred from being an effective congressman for the people who elected him.

"Reminds me of Biden"

Republicans have offered various takes on the Santos situation. And, former President Donald Trump recently joined in the conversation with his own take.

“I think it’s a terrible situation. It’s very unfortunate,” Trump said.

But, the former president added, “reminds me of Biden, actually. The closest thing I can think is Biden because he’s told some whoppers.”

Anyone familiar with Biden knows that this is indeed the case - although the mainstream media, over Biden's many decades in government, has been doing its best to cover for Biden.

"Vastly different consequences"

The Daily Caller's bottom line in its report is that Biden and Santos are both big-time liars - way bigger than your average person who bends the truth from time to time.

But, the Daily Caller highlights a significant difference between the two.

The outlet notes that, despite the fact that both Biden and Santos are liars - and despite the fact that Biden has likely been lying since before Santos was born - Biden has been allowed to prosper in the government while the mainstream media that has protected Biden is now looking to end Santos's political career before it even gets going.

The Daily Caller concludes:

The lies delivered by Biden and Santos have had vastly different consequences. Despite Biden’s provable, repeated lies, he ascended to the White House, with access to classified documents and the nuclear codes. Santos, by contrast, was placed on lower-level House committees and will be lucky to get a second term.

It's just another one of the countless double standards for which the Democrats have become known.

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