Parents in Riverside, California outraged over district's handling of 'trans' student who harassed girls

 May 1, 2023

Parents at a Riverside, California school district are outraged over the school's inaction concerning a male "trans" student who terrorized girls in bathrooms and locker rooms.

A viral video of the male student assaulting a female classmate at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside caused a public outcry.

The disturbing video shows the male student pushing and shoving a female student in the courtyard. When another girl intervenes, the male starts pummeling her.

'Trans' student terrorizes classmates

A mom who chose to remain anonymous told Fox 11 that she pulled her daughter out of the school. The woman raised her concerns to the district, but they were dismissed.

"Everything was on the hush hush....they didn't want to talk to us about it," she said.

Fights at the school are now a weekly occurrence but the last two have involved the "transgender" student, the report said. The student has exposed himself to female classmates and spat on them, classmate Aidne Vermeir said.

"He's [in the] girls' locker room, using girls' restrooms," Vermeir said. "He spit on my friends that are girls, females. He shows his genitals in the locker room."

The Riverside Unified School District shared a brief, opaque statement saying the student has been removed from the school. But it did not say where the student was headed next, nor was there any signal the school would change its policies.

Parents, students outraged

Outraged parents and students flooded a school board meeting Thursday to voice their anger over the school's failure to ensure a safe environment. Mom Lori Lopez asked why the district didn't "act sooner."

"Does the news media and big accounts on social media need to be involved before the district does the right thing?" she asked.

Several girls also spoke to the school board, saying they don't feel safe at school. One of the girls rebuked the school board for coddling "mentally confused men."

The school board also heard from an eccentrically dressed gay college professor named Dr. Bryan Keene who exhorted the school to dismiss "transphobic language."

Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback claims the offending student's sex is irrelevant -- yet another apparent example in a disturbing national trend of cops bending over backward to appease the "trans" mafia -- saying, “None of them should have fought."

A new survey found that one in four high school kids identify as "LGBTQ+," a troubling symptom of the pernicious power of the leftist propaganda machine.

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