Paul Pelosi's attack so covered up that news outlets file legal challenges for info, report claims

 January 20, 2023

The story of Paul Pelosi's attack had been a mystery so sensitive that journalists have resorted to legal measures to obtain more information, according to a new report.

The October hammer attack on Pelosi, husband of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) shocked the nation but soon disappeared from headlines with many details unresolved.

The search for answers

"A coalition of news organizations, including The Associated Press, filed a court motion in San Francisco seeking access to evidence against the man charged in last year’s attack on former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband," the Associated Press reported.

"The coalition also includes The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Press Democrat, CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and KQED, an NPR-member radio station," it added.

The concern

Some are now also speaking out over the concern that Pelosi's incident has been made so secretive.

"That a dozen outlets are banding together to get this access is a sign of how unique it has been to have these particulars held back from the public. It is a clear sign of controlled messaging taking place from a higher position," RedState reported.

"Just take as one item that police officers being outfitted with body cameras was pushed in order to have greater transparency with the public. This is footage intended to be revealed, and yet we are seeing it completely blocked from being released," it added.

The October incident involving David DePaper has been the source of numerous questions, but few answers. Some mainstream media outlets originally sought to blame the incident on conservative extremists.

Information soon showed that DePape was a supporter of a variety of liberal causes, quickly ending the arguments that the attack was politically motivated.

The consensus view later pushed was that Pelosi's attacker was fueled by mental health issues that motivated his actions.

Both Paul and Nancy Pelosi have said little about the incident, with many still unclear on how DePape entered the Pelosi's home, why video evidence has not been shown and what connections DePape may have had with Pelosi.

The mystery is now leading to legal action, though it is unknown how much progress the effort will make.

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