Paul Ryan vows to skip 2024 RNC if Trump wins party nomination

 February 26, 2023

If you had any doubt that the upcoming 2024 campaign season, especially at the presidential level, will be anything less than a circus, I'm here to tell you to strap in, because it's gonna be a wild ride.

According to Breitbart, the first bit of 2024 presidential drama came this week as former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, now a member of the Fox Corporation Board of Directors, revealed that he will not attend the 2024 Republican National Convention if former President Donald Trump wins the primary.

Ryan held nothing back during the WISN ABC, freely admitting that he's not interested if Trump is the winner.

Over the years, Ryan, described by many as an establishment Republican, has plummeted in popularity and is generally despised by many Trump supporters.

Where will he be?

Ryan was asked where he would be during the 2024 Republican National Convention, to be held in Milwaukee.

"It depends on who the nominee is," Ryan replied. “"I’ll be here if it’s not named somebody Trump."

Ryan issued blunt, clear replies to the host who asked several fast follow-up questions to confirm what he had just heard.

"Even if in Wisconsin?" the host asked, referencing Ryan's home state.

"Even Wisconsin," the former GOP speaker said.

Twitter reacts

Given how Ryan is unliked by many on the right, the response to his feelings about throwing what amounts to an adult temper tantrum by skipping a major Republican event all because of Trump was widely ridiculed across social media.

"Paul Ryan can organize the RINO National Convention. Pence, Cheney, Romney, Bushes, McConnell and the rest of them are looking for something to do that week," one Twitter user wrote.

DC Draino tweeted, "Just in case you needed another reason to vote for Trump, RINO Paul Ryan says he won’t attend the RNC convention in his home state of Wisconsin if Trump wins the primary."

While most of us probably won't lose much sleep tonight knowing that there's a chance that Ryan might not show up to the RNC next year because of his apparently extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it'll be interesting to see what RINOs like Ryan do when pressure builds for them to support someone like Trump, should he win the nomination.

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