Pause between Trump trials as big decisions loom

November 28, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is currently on a pause between his multiple court cases, with major decisions likely coming soon.

The break gives the former president freedom to campaign but may also soon change depending on upcoming rulings.

Court case timeline

"Trump’s current trial schedule is as follows: On Jan. 16, 2024, E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial against Trump begins. In March, two of his criminal trials commence: His federal trial for 2020 election interference begins in Washington on March 4, and the New York state trial for falsifying business records begins March 25," MSNBC reported.

"Two months later, the other federal criminal trial — regarding mishandling of classified documents — begins in Florida. Finally, Fulton County District Attorney Fain Willis has requested Aug. 5, 2024, as the proposed trial date in Trump’s Georgia state RICO case," it added.

Still busy

"The federal judge overseeing the 2020 election case against former President Donald Trump denied a request from his legal team for permission to subpoena members of the House Jan. 6 select committee and others for evidence in his upcoming trial," CBS News reported Monday.

"Judge Tanya Chutkan on Monday denied Trump's request, after his lawyers had asked the court in October to approve subpoenas for records from the National Archives and Records Administration, the House Administration Committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Democratic chair of the House Jan. 6 panel, and others," it continued.

The Georgia trial

"Fulton county prosecutors do not intend to offer plea deals to Donald Trump and at least two high-level co-defendants charged in connection with their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia, according to two people familiar with the matter, preferring instead to force them to trial," according to the latest in his Georgia case.

"The individuals seen as ineligible include Trump, his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani," it noted.

Trump's Georgia trial is currently scheduled just days ahead of the state's primary, leading to many questions over the politics involved in the case.

The cases have so far not stopped Trump's popularity, with polls showing him in a large lead over GOP primary candidates.

The coming months will reveal whether the legal attacks hurt his campaign or whether he will remain strong in his comeback bid for the White House in 2024.

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