Pelosi declared a 'warmonger'

 April 28, 2024

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been declared a "warmonger" by pro-Palestinian activists. 

This all took place during Pelosi's recent trip to England, where, according to Fox News, she spoke at the Oxford Union Society.

There, Pelosi was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protestors, some of whom even had to be removed by police.

Pelosi attempted to appease the protestors, but, suffice it to say, that her attempt failed spectacularly.

What happened?

While Pelosi was giving her speech to the Oxford Union Society, a student protestor walked up to the podium, turned around to face the cameras, and unfurled a Palestinian flag.

Pelosi proceeded with her speech as if nothing was happening, despite the fact that she was being blocked by a student with a large Palestinian flag.

This went on for some time before security decided that enough was enough. Eventually, two students were removed from the event.

The activist group Youth Demand has claimed responsibility for the protest, and it has posted a video of the incident to its social media account. Take a look:

Pelosi declared a "warmonger"

Along with this video, Youth Demand posted a statement in which it declared Pelosi a "warmonger.

The statement, in part, reads:

Warmongers like Nancy Pelosi are not welcome on University campuses. When children are being murdered, and hospitals are being bombed, we will not sit down and be quiet whilst these people are given platforms. We must stand up and take action, because we aren’t f****** around anymore.

Clearly, these activists are not happy with the fact that Pelosi has voiced support for Israel ever since Hamas carried out the Oct. 7, 2023, terrorist attack on the Israeli people. Pelosi has faced protests both here in America and abroad for her stance.

More recently, Pelosi has attempted to appease the protestors by appearing to soften her support for Israel. During her speech at the Oxford Union Society, in fact, Pelosi even said such things as, "We want peace on both sides" and "The suffering in Gaza must stop."

This, however, was not enough for the pro-Palestinian protestors. It appears that they will not be satisfied until Pelosi stops supporting Israel altogether.

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