Pelosi dreads Biden referring to Trump as 'maybe future president'

 March 22, 2023

Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) recoils at the sound of Donald Trump's name, especially when the word "president" is in the same sentence.

The longtime Democratic party chieftain admitted she dreads the "horrible" notion of Trump returning to power during a lengthy interview with the Los Angeles Times, in which she reacted to President Biden describing Trump as a potential "future" president.

Pelosi's fear

Biden, who is known to refer to Trump disparagingly as "the former guy," described his rival as a "maybe future president" during a recent speech about his tax-and-spend budget plan in Philadelphia.

The Los Angeles Times caught Pelosi's candid reaction to Biden's comments as she watched from her office in Washington.

“Oh, please. Don’t even say such a thing,” she said of Biden's remarks. "That isn’t kidding. That’s horrible.”

Pelosi said she feels "emancipated" after entering semi-retirement, but she remains apparently preoccupied with Trump, whom she impeached twice during her last turn as Speaker.

Backlash brewing?

While Pelosi is no longer in the spotlight like she once was, she hasn't given up her grip on power just yet. She's committed to serving out another full term, even as her rival plots a return to the White House under the shadow of multiple criminal investigations.

Trump and his supporters have condemned a rumored indictment in Manhattan for hush money payments as a chilling act of political repression designed to take Trump, the Republican frontrunner, out of the race and secure Biden's re-election.

But there is also speculation that charges could provoke a backlash and juice Trump's 2024 campaign.

A fresh poll has Trump leading his top primary competitor Ron DeSantis (R) by 28 points. Trump is also neck-and-neck with President Biden in the polls.

Pelosi mum on indictment

Pelosi has endorsed Biden's re-election, and he is widely expected to seek the nomination without much opposition.

She kept her cards close when asked to comment at a speaking event Monday on the charges or what impact they might have on Trump's ambitions.

"It’s not for any of us to say whether he should be indicted or not, it’s the basis of the law, and the facts, and that’s up to the court. So that’s all I’ll say about him," she said.

"I don’t like talking about him," she added.

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