Pelosi warns Trump is 'coming for your health care'

November 29, 2023

Top Biden campaign surrogates, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have dusted off the old playbook and are once again warning Americans that former President Donald Trump and Republicans are "coming for your health care," according to Fox News.

The well-worn routine was almost immediately rolled out by Pelosi and other allies of President Joe Biden after Trump posted to social media over the weekend that he was "seriously looking at alternatives" to Obamacare, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act, due to the healthcare law's "out-of-control" costs.

Trump "seriously looking at alternatives" to Obamacare

In a Saturday morning post to Truth Social, former President Trump shared a screenshot of an article about the higher prices for health insurance coverage endured by American consumers brought about by the predictable consolidation and conglomeration of major companies covering various sectors of the healthcare industry.

"The cost of Obamacare is out of control, plus, it’s not good Healthcare. I’m seriously looking at alternatives," Trump wrote. "We had a couple of Republican Senators who campaigned for 6 years against it, and then raised their hands not to terminate it. It was a low point for the Republican Party, but we should never give up!"

Fox News reported that former Speaker Pelosi and other members of the Biden campaign's National Advisory Board took part in a conference call on Tuesday during which Pelosi accused Trump of posing a "dire threat to the health and well-being of America's families."

"This weekend, the former president reminded us that he is hellbent on destroying the Affordable Care Act. In doing so, he's making an assault on the financial and health security of America's families," she said and reiterated the tired old talking point that Trump and his fellow Republicans were "coming for your health care."

"When he says he's going after our health care, believe him," Pelosi added and went on to claim that, under President Biden, "health care is more affordable and accessible than ever before."

Biden campaign springs into action to defend healthcare law

Axios reported that Democratic staffers and strategists and the Biden campaign -- along with their comrades in the media -- likely viewed former President Trump's Obamacare post as an early Christmas gift, in that it provided them with an easy opportunity to attack the GOP frontrunner on a topic that polls suggest is in favor of the Democrats.

The outlet noted that Democrats were "eager to revive their health care playbook from 2018," when they reclaimed control of the House thanks in part to an aggressive campaign against the continued Republican efforts to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. It was further observed that the Biden campaign immediately sprang into action and changed its plans in order to swiftly run ads that compared the healthcare records of Biden and Trump.

Biden himself got into the act during a speech at the White House on Monday in which he touted various improvements in the economy and fearmongered over what Trump and Republicans would do if granted power and control by voters in the 2024 elections.

"And my predecessor has once again, God love him, called for cuts that could rip away health insurance for tens of millions of Americans in Medicaid," he said. "They just don’t give up. But guess what? We won’t let these things happen."

Trump clarifies his plans for Obamacare

Former President Trump was not completely oblivious to the fierce pushback he received from Democrats and the media over his weekend post about looking for "alternatives" to the Democrat-imposed healthcare industry overhaul -- something Republicans have failed at doing since the law's inception more than a decade ago.

Tuesday evening, Trump posted to Truth Social, "Getting much better Healthcare than Obamacare for the American people will be a priority of the Trump Administration. It is not a matter of cost, it is a matter of HEALTH. America will have one of the best Healthcare Plans anywhere in the world. Right now it has one of the WORST!"

As for those who had keyed in on his use of the term "terminate" in his original post over the weekend that sparked the entire renewed controversy, the former president said in a follow-up post, "I don’t want to terminate Obamacare, I want to REPLACE IT with MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE. Obamacare Sucks!!!"

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