Pennsylvania county repeals sanctuary policy

 February 26, 2023

Across America, states, cities, and counties have declared themselves to be sanctuary jurisdictions--places where local officials refuse to cooperate with federal authorities on illegal immigration.

Yet in a move sure to outrage liberals, one country recently announced that its sanctuary status has come to an end. 

District attorney says drugs are "being brought here"

According to WTAE-TV, Butler County, Pennsylvania decided last Tuesday to discontinue its sanctuary policies in light of a worsening drug crisis.

WTAE-TV noted that the ending of Butler County's sanctuary status was welcomed by County Attorney Richard Goldinger, who said, "Our crime is not just DUIs and retail theft anymore. We have drugs."

"Again, that stuff has not come from citizens that are making fentanyl in Butler County. It's being brought here," Goldinger went on to insist.

County Commissioner Kim Geyer agreed, saying that being a sanctuary jurisdiction "created a lot of heartache and angst" for those who lived in the area.

State representative: "You have to come here legally"

Republican state Rep. Stephenie Scialabba became a vocal advocate for the change after being beseeched by her constituents.

"The sanctuary designation did not reflect our intentions or practices," Scialabba told Fox News, adding, "We are a county of security and law and order."

"It's a safe place to live here," Scialabba declared. "It's a safe place to work here. And we welcome you, and we want immigrants here. That is what our country is founded on.

"However, you have to come here legally. You cannot come here, commit a crime, and think that we are not going to cooperate with ICE to have you out of here," the conservative lawmaker declared.

Sixteen counties and cities in Pennsylvania have sanctuary status

"You would never think of Butler County or Pennsylvania as a border state, but, unfortunately, it seems like borders don't matter anymore," she complained.

"So, we are seeing an increase in fentanyl deaths and overdoses. We are seeing increases in drug trafficking, human trafficking," Scialabba stressed, insisting the county's sanctuary policy had become "a calling card for more crime" and that the local reaction repealing it has been "overwhelmingly positive."

The website Conservative Review pointed out that in 2021, there were 66 drug overdose deaths in Butler County, with 57 of those fatalities being linked to fentanyl.

Meanwhile, some 16 counties and cities within Pennsylvania have sanctuary laws on the books, with examples including Philadelphia and Allegheny County.

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