Pennsylvania Democrat says voters in her district "drank the Trump Kool-Aid"

 January 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has long alleged that Washington elites look down with contempt on working class Americans.

Recent comments made by a Democratic congresswoman appears to prove that the former president is right. 

Zoom call featured Pennsylvania senator and other Democratic lawmakers

As Fox News explained, video footage emerged this week showing Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild disparaging some of her constituents.

The clip appears to be taken from a Zoom call which featured Wild along with Pennsylvania Democratic Bob Casey, Rep. Matt Cartwright, and other Democratic members of Congress.

In it, Wild can be heard complaining that she now represents Carbon County after the borders of her district were redrawn in 2022.

Wild compared Trump voters to suicidal cult members

"I acquired Carbon County as part of my district last year and Matt did not then represent it. Matt had actually represented Carbon County in the past, so it was very valuable for me in terms of talking to him," she said.

"After Trump came along, it went from a sort of working-class blue district to a – they drank the Trump Kool-Aid – and it really became a red county. So, I was dismayed when I got that as part of my district," Wild continued.

Wild's remark about Kool-Aid appears to reference the followers of cult leader Jim Jones, who committed mass suicide in 1978 by consuming the product after it had been laced with poison.

Those words were met with immediate condemnation online, including from Republican Pennsylvania state Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, who is hoping to take Wild's seat this November.

"Susan Wild doesn’t care about you, your family, or your values if [you] don't fall in line with her radical opinions," Mackenzie wrote in a social media post.

Congresswoman says it is an "honor" to represent Carbon County

For her part, Wild issued a statement to Fox News that read, "It's the honor of my lifetime to represent Carbon County in Congress and am grateful for the partnership I have with my constituents there."

"The first thing I did upon representing Carbon County was open an office in Lehighton so I could assist as many constituents as possible in dealing with federal agencies," she stressed.

The Democratic lawmaker went on to pledge that she will "continue to work tirelessly on their behalf."

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