Pentagon investigating leak of 'sensitive' data

February 23, 2023

Joe Biden's America has often looked like one continuous trainwreck, with one logistical or national security disaster cropping up after the next. The latest meltdown is happening at the Pentagon, where a data leak compromised a server hosting terabytes of sensitive data.

The server was reportedly left exposed for up to two weeks before the Pentagon plugged the leak on Monday, TechCrunch reported.

An independent cybersecurity researcher had flagged the leak, which somehow flew under the military's radar.

Data leak at Pentagon

The compromised server was left without a password, which allowed anyone with internet and the server's I.P. address to gain access.

An intruder would have been able to see up to three terabytes of unclassified, internal U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) e-mails containing sensitive personnel information, including a background questionnaire for security clearance holders.

China previously showed interest in such information in 2014-2015, when the Office of Personnel Management was the target of a massive data breach that compromised millions of federal employees' background information, including fingerprints.

Reports of the leak bring up many questions, including whether the material was left exposed intentionally in order to let China get what they want from it. The question would seem ludicrous if there weren't so many questions about the Biden family's ties to China, including millions of dollars of payments to Hunter Biden.

Investigation ongoing

The server involved in the Pentagon leak was hosted on a Microsoft cloud computing service, Azure Government. U.S. Cyber Command issued a statement on the incident that, as is typical, said a whole lot of nothing.

"As a matter of practice and operational security, we do not comment on the status of our networks and systems. Our defensive cyber operators proactively scan and mitigate the networks they manage," the statement said.

"Should any incidents be discovered during these regular operations, we fully mitigate, protect, and defend our networks and systems. Any information or insight is shared with relevant agencies and partners if appropriate."

More Biden chaos

The Pentagon says that the leak was not caused by a hack -- although, it's admittedly hard to tell sometimes between malicious foreign activity and the Biden administration's own incompetence.

After all, this is the same president who allowed China to send a spy balloon past U.S. missile sites, and then dismissed the breach as nothing "major."

And this is the same administration that has overseen historic flight cancellations and a toxic chemical spill in rural Ohio that has people coughing up blood.

With a government this awful, who needs enemies?

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