Person responsible for leaking Roe decision could be identified soon

January 14, 2023

Many have questioned the long, drawn-out investigation regarding the individual or group responsible for leaking the draft opinion in the U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

According to Breitbart, that mystery is getting closer to a resolution, according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal last week.

The outlet reported that the group responsible for investigating the leak, Supreme Court marshal Gail Curley, was forced to bring "in assistance from outside government investigators."

The investigators charged with finding the leaker have reportedly "narrowed their inquiry to a small number of suspects including law clerks, but officials have yet to conclusively identify the alleged culprit."

What's happening?

Breitbart noted that the Journal's update on the situation is, by far, the most information to come out regarding the investigation since the resolution was originally leaked. Many speculated for weeks after the leak that a law clerk was the most likely culprit.

Some believe the leak was purposely done by a Democrat-leaning clerk to spur an upheaval over Roe destined to be overturned.

Others believe a Republican-leaning clerk might have leaked it to bolster the high court's resolve on sticking with the overturning of Roe in their final decision and not caving to outside pressure.

The WSJ noted:

The interviews were sometimes short and superficial, a person familiar with the matter said, consisting of a handful of questions such as “Did you do it? Do you know anyone who had a reason to do it?” Investigators relied in part on publicly available information about court employees to develop theories, the person said.

It's unclear when the leaker will be found, but at least the investigation is continuing to move forward, even at a slow pace.

Attacks rage out of control

The leak of the decision and the final overturning of Roe v. Wade last year sparked a wave of violence against a number of pro-life institutions.

Breitbart noted: "According to the Family Research Council (FRC), more than 100 attacks have occurred on churches, pro-life organizations, and pregnancy resource centers since the decision was leaked in early May."

Many have been hurt and business properties have suffered damage as a result of the out-of-control, pro-abortion leftists who were triggered by the leak.

Only time will tell what kind of punishment the leaker of the decision will face if he or she is ever discovered.

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