Peter Doocy questions KJP about potential 10-year prison sentence for golfer Scottie Scheffler

 May 20, 2024

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is virtually the only reporter in the White House press briefing room to call out press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. 

That was evidenced again recently as Doocy asked KJP about the recent and shocking arrest of Scottie Scheffler, who was arrested over the weekend for an incident that occurred at the scene of a fatal car accident, the Daily Caller reported.

The golfer, ranked number one, reportedly drove around an accident scene that involved a fatality. An officer motioned for him to stop, but Scheffler apparently kept driving, even dragging the officer up to 20 yards.

That led to the golfer's arrest, and a felony charge of assaulting an office, which carries up to a 10-year prison sentence.

Doocy asks the question

The Fox News correspondent asked KJP if Scheffler deserves a 10-year sentence for a "misunderstanding" at a traffic stop, which is what Scheffler claims what happened. The golfer said he never meant any harm to the officer or disregard his orders.

"What does President Biden think about the world’s number one golfer, Scottie Scheffler, being cuffed and hauled in for a mug shot for what appears to be a misunderstanding at a traffic stop?"

"So I’ve seen the reports of Mr. Scheffler’s arrest,” Jean-Pierre answered. “I just want to say that our hearts go out to the individual that was killed…"

Doocy quickly snapped back in the middle of her thought, saying, "unrelated."

"No, let me finish," KJP fired back. "In the auto accident that preceded his arrest, obviously, someone did die. Someone was killed [in the crash that] preceded his arrest, that obviously he was not involved in. So, I want to make sure that we share our condolences to that family and their loved ones. Anything else, specifics to his arrest, that would be something for local authorities to speak to."

The context behind Doocy's question related to the White House's recent push to not have anyone go to jail again for possession of marijuana as the administration moves to have the drug reclassified.

Doocy doubles down

Doocy continued his line of questioning, which clearly flustered KJP.

"I think, you guys have spent a good chunk of this week talking about how you don’t want anybody to ever go to jail again for possessing marijuana. Do you think that somebody who was involved in what appears to be a misunderstanding at a traffic stop should be facing ten years in prison?" Doocy said.

The press secretary responded, "We have to let the legal authorities go to their process and how this all works. I can’t comment from here, from the lectern, about something that’s being looked into by local authorities. I’ve got to be mindful about that, but let’s not forget, someone lost their life — obviously that preceded this — but there was an individual that was killed, and there’s a family that’s mourning a death of a loved one. And so we want to be sensitive to that as well."

Scheffler is expected to plead not guilty to the charges.

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