Peter Navarro predicts what Trump will do in a second term, including firing Jerome Powell

 May 22, 2024

If former President Donald Trump is elected president once more, many believe he will hold nothing back in making the decisions he believes will get America back on track--no matter the backlash.

Ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro, who's currently serving a prison sentence, made several predictions regarding a second Trump term, with one of them being the ouster of Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Navarro told Semafor that he believes Trump will also initiate mass deportations of illegal migrants, and increase Chinese tariffs.

The imprisoned Trump aide gave a full look at what he believes his former boss will do if he unseats President Joe Biden in November.


Navarro was asked a series of questions about his thoughts regarding a second Trump term, and Semafor noted that Navarro's responses were uploaded through the prison's email system.

When asked about Trump's economic priorities, Navarro explained that Trump will go all in.

"At the top of the trade list is Trump’s Reciprocal Trade Act, originally introduced by Congressman Sean Duffy in 2019. If countries refuse to lower their tariffs to our levels, the president would have the authority to raise our tariffs to theirs. It is the most common sense route to balancing our trade deficit and thereby stimulating economic growth, and strengthening the US dollar. It should appeal to protectionists and free traders alike," Navarro wrote.

Navarro was asked if Trump had any unfinished business from his first term -- any policies or actions that didn't get done.

"One of the biggest pieces of unfinished Trump business is to solidify Buy American, Hire American government procurement, and reshore our private sector supply chains and manufacturing back to US soil. We are dangerously vulnerable to foreign coercion in everything from defense applications and tech, to pharmaceuticals," Navarro wrote.

He added, that Trump will also take massive action on the southern U.S. border, possibly "sealing" it and "begin mass deportations."

"Gone in a hundred days"

As far as Fed Chair Powell's career is concerned, Navarro believes he'll be out within the first 100 days of a second Trump presidency.

"Powell was Mnuchin’s folly — Powell raised rates too fast under Trump and choked off growth. To keep his job, Powell then raised rates too slowly to contain inflation under Biden. My guess is that this punctilious non-economist will be gone in a hundred days one way or the other. Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair Kevin Hassett would be a logical replacement; former CEA Chair Tyler Goodspeed would be a bold choice," Navarro wrote.

Navarros also insisted that ratcheting up tariffs on China would not have an impact on inflation.

Hopefully, if Trump is elected president again, he'll do all of what Navarro said and more.

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