Pfizer executive caught in Project Veritas sting attempted to imprison O'Keefe and crew, engaged in assault and destruction of property

January 28, 2023

James O'Keefe and members of his Project Veritas crew were temporarily falsely imprisoned and even physically assaulted by a Pfizer executive they had confronted in a restaurant, RedState reported.

The pharmaceutical company executive, identified as Jordon Trishton Walker, a director of research and development at Pfizer, lost control when faced with his own admissions caught previously by a hidden camera during an undercover sting operation.

In the melee that followed an intense argument in the restaurant, Walker attempted to push O'Keefe and actually shoved some of the crew members in a furious fight for control of an iPad that Walker smashed on the floor.

Quite the admission from a Pfizer executive

It all began earlier this week when Project Veritas released a video in which Walker, who thought he was on a date, openly and enthusiastically shared some of the things that he and others at Pfizer were considering or actually working on in relation to the COVID-19 virus and vaccines.

Specifically, the young executive discussed plans and efforts at Pfizer to try to manipulate and mutate the virus in a lab in order to get a head start on developing future vaccines targeted for different variants.

The confrontation did not go well

At some point later, O'Keefe and his crew surprised Walker while he was in a small pizzeria in New York City to ask him directly about what he had admitted to the undercover journalist that he had mistakenly assumed was just an inquisitive date.

The situation swiftly escalated as the flustered Walker began to pace around the restaurant and even attempted to call the police -- though it is unclear what, if anything, the police could or would actually do in this particular situation.

The restaurant manager, who obviously didn't appreciate the disruption of her business, initially asked O'Keefe and his crew to leave, which they agreed to do, but Walker repeatedly insisted that they remain until the police arrived -- even as he also asserted that their mere presence made him feel "unsafe."

This went on for several minutes, with the Veritas crew attempting to leave while Walker furiously demanded that they stay, though he refused to answer questions or watch the video of his prior admissions that O'Keefe attempted to show him on an iPad.

Pushing and shoving, iPad destroyed

At some point during the increasingly irate confrontation, a restaurant employee apparently locked the front door of the restaurant, and things soon got out of control after that.

Walker managed to grab ahold of the iPad and tried to run off with it, which prompted a struggle with the Veritas crew members, during which Walker forcefully threw the device on the floor and smashed the screen -- as if the incriminating undercover video was only on that particular device and not saved somewhere else or already viral on social media.

Amid the fracas, in which Walker and a cameraman pushed and shoved each other, the front door was eventually unlocked and O'Keefe and his crew exited the restaurant and headed for their vehicles. The video ended with the police having finally arrived and revealing to the Veritas crew that, had Walker still been present at the scene, he would likely have been the one to be arrested, potentially for assault or false imprisonment.

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