PGA star John Daly recalls Bill Clinton cheating during golf game

 December 17, 2023

President Bill Clinton is considered by many to be a cheater, even outside of the Oval Office. 

Pro golfer John Daly, one of the most eccentric players to ever hit the links, recently broke news about former President Bill Clinton that gave everyone a chuckle.

During a recent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Daly opened up about his time golfing with former presidents, including Clinton.

His recollection of his time on the course with the 42nd president was interesting, to say the least.

What happened?

The PGA star was asked point blank by Carlson if Clinton was an honest player, bringing up rumors that Clinton didn't exactly play by the rules when he golfed with Daly, or presumably others.

"Did [Bill] Clinton cheat at golf?” Carlson asked Daly. "Is that true?"

"Oh yeah," Daly responded quickly. "Bill, he would take the club back and say ‘Oh [shoot], give me another ball.’ Before he even hit the first one, he’d throw another one down. But he never kept score."

Hilariously, Daly admitted that the former president probably needed to cheat just to have a remote chance at a decent score. He even suggested Clinton "take up tennis" as an alternative.

Daly cut the former president some slack, saying, "Yeah, and that’s okay,” Daly said.

“Hey, there’s a lot of people that never get it and are never good at it, but they love it. Keep playing. If it’s something you love to do, and go out and do it, it’s a great game.”

Social media reacts

Carlson's interview with Daly, especially regarding Clinton's golf shenanigans, garnered hilarious responses from the social media world.

"John Daily is an alpha male telling stories that are a must listen. He enjoys golfing with Trump and see's him as a great man. Clinton...he said 'cheated" closed. You can tell alot about a man when you play a round of golf with him," one X user wrote.

"John Daly is AMERICA!" AMAC posted on X.

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