Plane crash in Massachusetts kills 3

 January 15, 2024

A small plane crash in western Massachusetts near the border of Greenfield and Leyden claimed the lives of three individuals on Sunday.

The Leyden Wildlife Management Area, situated approximately two hours outside of Boston, became the scene of the tragic incident.

The details

The crash site is currently cordoned off by law enforcement as investigators proceed to examine the aftermath.

“We are confirming that there was a fatal twin engine plane crash near the Greenfield/Leyden town line near Oak Hill Acres Rd. There were no survivors,” Greenfield Massachusetts Police Department said in a statement. “Rescue crews and investigators are on scene. Please do not try to view the scene as you will be turned away.”

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will take the lead in conducting a thorough investigation, focusing on a Beachfront Baron plane involved in the crash.

The initial phase involves a meticulous examination of the wreckage at the crash site, followed by the transportation of the plane to a secure facility for further evaluation.

The investigation

The investigation aims to unravel the factors contributing to the crash, delving into possibilities such as mechanical issues or pilot-related causes.

Aviation expert Patrick Smith, who is also an airline pilot, underscores the challenges associated with investigating smaller plane crashes due to the absence of on-board flight recorders.

While scrutinizing the wreckage, investigators will delve into the pilot's background and maintenance records, and explore any independent electronic devices that might contain crucial evidence.

External factors, including weather conditions, will also be taken into account, although weather alone is typically not the primary cause of plane crashes.

Small plane crashes increasing?

The NTSB highlights that small planes used for personal or business transport are more susceptible to crashes compared to commercial air carriers.

In 2019, there were 1,220 crashes involving small planes, resulting in 233 fatalities, while 40 commercial air carrier crashes led to two fatalities.

As of the latest update, the victims of the Greenfield plane crash have not been publicly identified. The investigation will unfold as authorities work diligently to determine the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

Small plane crashes pose unique challenges for investigators, and the NTSB's thorough examination will help shed light on the events leading to the crash. The aviation community, along with the public, awaits further details to understand the factors contributing to this unfortunate incident.

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