Poland announces end to weapons exports to Ukraine, will block import of Ukrainian grains, in self-preservation bid

 September 22, 2023

It would appear that some of Ukraine's purportedly closest European allies have grown tired of the incessant and increasingly entitled and ungrateful demands for more assistance in the fight against Russia by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

One such example was the recent announcement by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that Poland will no longer provide its own weapons to Ukraine and will instead focus on re-arming itself, Breitbart reported.

That statement from the prime minister, who also vowed to continue blocking the import of Ukrainian grains and wheat in order to protect Polish farmers, followed close on the heels of Polish President Andrzej Duda comparing Ukraine to a "drowning man" who threatened to pull his rescuers down with him.

No more weapons exports to or grain imports from Ukraine

Poland's TVN24 reported that Prime Minister Morawiecki announced that his country would be "no longer transferring weapons to Ukraine" and instead "will now arm ourselves with the most modern weapons."

"We know perfectly well that Ukraine is defending itself against the brutal Russian attack. We won’t jeopardize her safety. Our hub in Rzeszów, in consultation with the Americans and NATO, still plays the same role," he added in reference to the Polish city that serves as a staging location for international shipments of weapons and other supplies for Ukraine.

Part of the problem here with the apparent growing tension between Poland and Ukraine, according to TVN24, is that "the Polish army, as a result of transfers to Ukraine, has reduced its resources by approximately one-third and is in the process of replacing them with modern Western-made equipment."

Another part of the problem, however, is the alleged dumping of cheap Ukrainian grains and wheat in Poland and other Eastern European nations that have undercut and driven down the prices of those nations' own harvested crops, which led Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia to ban Ukrainian imports in a break from the European Commission's decision to not impose import/export restrictions on Ukraine.

"I regret that the Ukrainian oligarchs started pushing their grain onto the Polish market, without taking into account the interests of Polish farmers. They caused prices to crash," Morawiecki said, according to Breitbart. "We had to guarantee a price of PLN 1,400 per tonne of Polish wheat -- this was in spring. We have fulfilled all our promises and I do not see any threat now from Ukrainian grain because we have blocked this import."

Polish President Duda compares Ukraine to "drowning man"

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported separately just one day earlier that Polish President Duda offered up a critical assessment of Ukraine and President Zelensky while speaking with reporters on the sidelines of a United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City this week.

"Everyone who has ever participated in saving a drowning person knows that a drowning man is extremely dangerous; that he can pull deep. It has unbelievable strength due to personal fear, the influence of adrenaline, and can simply drown the rescuer," Duda said.

"It’s a bit like the situation between Poland and Ukraine," he continued. "Ukraine is under Russian attack, no doubt in a very difficult situation, grasps everything possible. Can you blame her for that?"

Duda added, "Do you have to act to defend yourself against harming the drowning person? Of course, we must act in such a way as to defend ourselves against harming us, because if the drowning man leads to damage and drowns us, he will not get help. So we have to look after our interests and we will do it effectively and decisively."

"This is simply a regular war," not a "world war"

Breitbart noted that PM Morawiecki, in response to President Duda's "drowning man" comparison to describe Ukraine, remarked, "These are very accurate words."

"If I were to look for something to justify (Ukraine), it would be only what we all know perfectly well: that Ukraine is defending itself against the brutal Russian attack and we understand that this attack creates a completely unprecedented situation, one that we have not faced since World War II," the prime minister added. "World war. This is simply a regular war."

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