Polish president is the latest foreign leader to meet with Trump

 April 18, 2024

According to Sportsbook Review, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are running "at nearly a dead heat" on most betting websites.

Yet it isn't just gamblers who are taking the prospect of another Trump presidency seriously, a fact which can be seen from a recent meeting at Trump Tower. 

Trump says Polish president is "doing a fantastic job"

The Hill reported that Polish President Andrzej Duda showed up at the famous New York City building on Wednesday evening.

The former president had warm words for Duda, saying, "He’s doing a fantastic job. The people of Poland love him, they really do. He's my friend, and we had four great years together."

Reuters cited a statement from Trump's campaign which explained that Duda and the Republican candidate discussed a proposal to raise defense spending targets for NATO member countries to 3% of their gross domestic product (GDP).

"They also discussed the war between Russia and Ukraine, the conflict with Israel in the Middle East, and many other topics having to do with getting to world peace," the campaign added.

Trump has recently met with other leaders

Meanwhile, CBS News reported that the conversation between Trump and Duda lasted roughly two and a half hours, with the Polish president calling it a "friendly meeting in a very nice atmosphere."

Wojciech Kolarski serves as a senior aide to Duda, and spoke of an "excellent meeting" of "two friends who reminisced on the time when for four years they cooperated while holding presidential offices."

CBS News noted that Duda is only the latest foreign leader to confer with Trump, as last week saw a visit from British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

What's more, last month Trump hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Democratic senator admits that meeting Trump makes sense

The former president also met with Argentinian President Javier Milei, who campaigned on a pledge to "Mark Argentina Great Again."

Despite being a vocal critic of Trump, Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy acknowledged that it makes sense for foreign leaders to meet with the former president.

"The polls are close. If I were a foreign leader - and there's a precedent attached to meeting with candidates who are nominated or on the path to being nominated - I'd probably do it too,"  Murphy told CBS News.

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