Political analyst's take on a potential coup against Biden

 January 3, 2024

In a recent op-ed, Peter Navarro discusses the possibility of a Joe Biden coup and explores the Michelle Obama-Gavin Newsom election gambit.

In the piece, published by The Washington Times, Navarro suggests that the growing revelations about the Biden family, coupled with polls indicating Donald Trump's advantage, may lead Biden to step aside before the November election.

Navarro asserts that Biden will not step down before the end of the Democratic primary season.


Instead, he anticipates an uncontested primary season, allowing Biden to accept his nomination at the Democratic National Convention in August.

This strategy aims to avoid extreme positions during the primary campaign, presenting a more centrist ticket for the general election.

The op-ed speculates on the methods to persuade or force Biden to step down. Democratic strategists might leverage the desire for a grand legacy and full pardons to convince Biden.

The legacy argument suggests that a resounding defeat by Trump could tarnish Biden's historical standing. On the pardon front, Biden may wait until after the November election to pardon his son Hunter and his brother James.

Vice President Kamala Harris, with low popularity numbers, is unlikely to lead the replacement ticket in November. The op-ed proposes a Michelle Obama-Gavin Newsom dream ticket, aiming to bring back the Black vote and appeal to moderate Democrats.

Navarro outlines a Republican counter-strategy, emphasizing the need to expose the potential Biden coup early. This involves making Biden deny any intention to drop out and urging potential candidates like Michelle Obama and Newsom to deny their involvement.


The article stresses the importance of voters being outraged if Democrats attempt to replace the Biden-Harris ticket without proper vetting through a Democratic primary season.

Republicans are urged to push this message early and consistently to impress on voters, particularly independents, that the election might not look like they expected it to.

This strategy aims to link "Bidenomics" to the broader legacy of "Obamanomics" and highlight the shortcomings of the previous administration.

Finally, Navarro suggests messaging that includes tagging Newsom as the poster boy of the "woke" progressive movement, emphasizing his association with failed policies in San Francisco, and other West Coast cities.

The op-ed concludes by noting that a potential Michelle Obama candidacy could shift the Republican attack strategy to focus on competing policy ideals, presenting an opportunity for Republicans in the upcoming election to double down on the known entity that an Obama in the White House would bring.

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