Poll carries bad news for Squad member Jamaal Bowman

 April 5, 2024

Since taking office in 2021, New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman has operated alongside seven other far-left House members who are known collectively as "the Squad."

Yet Bowman may not be in the group for much longer as a new poll suggests that he is on track for a devastating election loss. 

Poll shows Bowman lagging far behind Democratic primary challenger

According to the New York Post, the survey was carried out by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, and it shows Bowman as being 17 points down in his primary race against Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

The survey found that Bowman is backed by only 35% of Democrats in New York's 16th Congressional District compared to 52% who support Latimer.

What's more, Latimer's advantage stands at 21 points among Democrats who cast a ballot in three of the past four primary contests.

The Westchester County official is also regarded positively by 68% of Democrats in the district whereas only 36% see Bowman in the same light.

Campaign spokesperson says pollster "doesn't have an ounce of credibility"

"Latimer does 32 points better on the positive side, while Bowman’s negatives are a massive 37 points higher than Latimer's," said Mellman, who works for the pro-Latimer group Democratic Majority for Israel.

"Very few unindicted elected officials receive such strongly negative ratings from their co-partisans," the pollster went on to add.

Bill Neidhardt serves as a spokesperson for Bowman's campaign, and he issued a statement to the Post which questioned Mellman's reliability.

"Mark Mellman not only had incorrect polls on this race in 2020, the candidate Mellman supported had to tell him to stop airing racist ads that darkened Rep. Bowman's face," the spokesperson complained.

Neidhardt further alleged that Mellman "doesn't have an ounce of credibility here, and his junk numbers back that up."

Bowman dismissed reports of rape in October 7 terror attack as "propaganda"

The Post noted that Bowman is known for his fierce opposition to Israel as well as making controversial remarks about the October 7 terror attack that left roughly 1,400 people dead.

This included an incident shortly after the attack in which the congressman dismissed reports by Israeli survivors of widespread rape as being "propaganda."

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