Poll finds Americans support of providing foreign aid is waning

 December 5, 2022

A new poll indicates that Americans -- particularly Republican Americans -- are less supportive of providing various forms of foreign aid to other countries, such as Ukraine, than they once were. 

The poll comes from Morning Consult, and it was released in late November.

The results come from a survey that the pollster conducted of some 2,005 registered voters between October 27 and 28. And, the focus of the survey was foreign policy.

The Republicans' view

The big takeaway from the poll is that a significant percentage of Republican voters want the U.S. government to cut back on a variety of types of foreign aid.

The pollster, for example, found:

[N]ear majorities of Republican voters (48%) support decreasing U.S. involvement in other countries’ affairs and reducing foreign aid provision, substantially outpacing the shares who prefer the status quo.

The pollster also found:

A substantial plurality of Republicans (41%) would prefer that U.S. foreign policy involve more limited deployment of U.S. troops, and would like to reduce American participation in military conflicts beyond the country’s borders.

One other finding is that 46% of Republican participants indicated that they would like to see America decrease its involvement in military conflicts.

Other findings

It is worth noting that the Democrat participants did not unanimously take an opposing position. In fact, the Democrats were split on a number of these issues.

Overall, Morning Consult found that more voters prefer a foreign affairs policy of isolationism over engagement. And the pollster found that, overall, participants want a decrease in "soft power and foreign aid" and a decrease in "overseas military engagement."

The problem is that this is, by and large, the opposite of what we see from the U.S. government.


Just in November, President Joe Biden asked Congress to provide another $37 in emergency aid for Ukraine.

ABC News reported:

Shalanda Young, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, said that more than three-fourths of the $40 billion approved by Congress earlier this year for Ukraine has already been disbursed or committed. The Biden administration has asked for a total of $37.7 billion in support.

It is unclear whether Congress is going to grant Biden's request. While the establishment certainly seems to be on board with the idea, many Republicans are starting to question spending all of this money on Ukraine. And, with the Republicans about to take the majority in the House, they will be in a position to put a stop to this spending.

So far, the United States government has sent well over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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