Poll shows Michelle Obama would lose to Trump by same margin as Biden

 April 3, 2024

Given President Joe Biden's advanced age and perceived cognitive decline, as well as worries that he will lose a rematch against former President Donald Trump, there have been persistent rumors that former first lady Michelle Obama could replace Biden as the Democratic nominee and presumably defeat Trump in November.

Yet, a recent poll just showed that Obama would lose in a hypothetical election against Trump by the same margin that Biden would fall short, according to the Daily Mail.

Those poll results, in conjunction with Obama's own adamant rejection of the idea of running for any political office, should finally put to rest the speculation that the former first lady will serve as a sort of last-minute savior for Democrats against a possible second term in the White House for Trump.

Trump would defeat Obama by same margin as Biden

The Daily Mail joined with polling firm J.L. Partners last month for a survey of 1,000 likely voters and found that, in the likely rematch between former President Trump and President Biden, Trump would prevail over Biden by three points, 46-43%.

The pollsters also asked about a hypothetical matchup between Trump and former first lady Obama but found that she would also likely be defeated by Trump by the same three-point margin, 47-44%.

James Johnson, a co-founder of J.L. Partners, told the Daily Mail of the poll's results, "Some have been touting an emergency parachute for Biden for some time: draft Michelle Obama."

"But it turns out voters are no more keen to vote for Michelle over Trump than they are for Biden, with Trump beating her overall and even with Independents," he added. "It was never very realistic, but this poll puts paid to the idea she can be any kind of saving force for the Democrats."

Obama was the top choice of Democrats to replace Biden

It was just over a month ago, in late February, that The Independent reported on a new Rasmussen poll at that time which found that nearly half of Democratic voters, approximately 48%, supported the idea of their party "finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November," while a similar amount, 47%, believed such a replacement was "likely" to occur.

Asked who they would prefer to see as President Biden's replacement, former first lady Obama was the top choice among a list of possible contenders, earning 20% support from Democratic voters.

That bested the 15% who chose Vice President Kamala Harris, who was followed by failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton at 12% and California Gov. Gavin Newsom with 11% support to be Biden's replacement.

Obama is "not running for president" this year

All of the speculation about Michelle Obama replacing President Biden as the Democratic nominee has been moot for some time as she has made it abundantly clear over the past few years that she has neither the desire nor any intentions to run for any political office, much less the presidency.

In early March, a spokesperson for Obama, communications director Crystal Carson, told NBC News in a statement, "As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president."

"Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign," Carson added.

NBC News cited unnamed sources who suggested that Obama's support for that campaign would likely be "fairly limited" and would consist largely of using her "star power" at a late stage of the race to help sway undecided swing voters, as well as to enlist her purportedly nonpartisan voter registration group, When We All Vote, to help boost turnout among the young voters and minorities that Democrats heavily rely upon to win elections.

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