Poll shows fall in Joe Biden's approval rating

March 30, 2023

While President Joe Biden has insisted that he will run for a second term next year, a new poll may be giving Democrats second thoughts.

According to Fox News, it shows a sharp fall in the president's popularity since last month's State of the Union address. 

Pollster says that "Biden has been unable to sustain any traction"

Released on Wednesday by Marist Polling, the survey put Biden's approval rating at 42%, representing a four point decline from where it stood in February.

Lee M. Miringoff serves as director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, and he was quoted as saying that "President Biden’s improved standing after the State of the Union was short-lived."

"With a struggling economy, the Trump investigations, and a host of other issues, the political agenda remains crowded, and Biden has been unable to sustain any traction," Miringoff added.

Those findings aren't the only bad news for Biden, as a Harvard-Harris poll put out earlier this week showed the president losing to both of the Republican Party's frontrunners.

Poll shows Biden would lose to either Trump or DeSantis

The survey showed Biden trailing former President Donald Trump by five points and one point behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Meanwhile, an AP-NORC poll conducted in February found that only 12% want Biden to be their party's nominee in 2024 although it is not clear who might replace him on the ticket.

In addition to measuring Biden's approval rating, the Marist poll also reported that the economy is a major worry for many Americans, with 31% ranking it as their number one issue. That figure includes 17% of Democrats and 48% of Republicans.

What's more, 61% say that crime poses a "real threat in most communities." That view is held by 80% of Republicans, 69% of independents, and 58% of Democrats.

Growing support for a ban on transitioning children

The poll also found growing support for legislation to outlaw gender transitioning for minors. Forty-three percent currently favor a ban, up from only 28% in April of 2021.

While 63% of Republicans would favor such a move, 68% of Democrats and 56% of independent voters stand in opposition.

A similar picture emerged when respondents were asked about laws to restrict drag shows, an idea that is favored by 61% of Republicans but opposed by 73% of Democrats and 57% of independents.

Interestingly, opposition to the Chinese social media app TikTok appears to be widespread, with 73% regarding it as either a major (35%) or minor (38%) threat to U.S. national security.

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