Poll shows most Americans believe Biden has accomplished little or nothing

February 7, 2023

A new poll revealed that most Americans think President Joe Biden has accomplished little since entering the White House. Yet rather than deny the charge, one White House official recently appeared to confirm it. 

Commissioned by the Washington Post and ABC News poll, the survey was carried out between January 27 and February 1.

"Not very much"

It found that 62% of respondents believe the president has achieved "not very much" or "little or nothing" during his time in office. By comparison, just 36% say Biden has accomplished "a great deal" or "a good amount."

Unsurprisingly, 96% of Republicans believe Biden has accomplished "not very much" or "little or nothing." However, that view is also shared by 66% of independent voters and even 22% of Democrats.

Breitbart reported that former Atlanta mayor and current White House Senior Adviser for Public Engagement Keisha Lance Bottoms was asked about the poll during a Monday appearance on "CNN Newsroom."

In her response, Bottoms began by downplaying the poll's significance, saying, "I’ve been on the ballot a time or two, and what I know is that polls are a snapshot in time."

"Don’t see the silver lining"

"But when you think about where we are as a country on the heels of one of the most challenging times in the world’s history, coming — dealing with the pandemic and all that it entailed, it’s not surprising to me that people are discouraged and they don’t see the silver lining," she continued.

Bottoms later predicted that "as people see more and feel more of the changes that have been made by this administration, then you will likely see those poll numbers change."

"But you don’t govern by poll numbers," she continued, adding, "You govern with your eye on the prize. And for this President, that’s meant delivering for the American people and making sure that these policies are implemented so people can feel these policies every single day."

Sinking support

The Washington Post-ABC News poll is not the only bad news for Biden, as the results of another survey from the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research were discouraging as well.

It found that only 37% of Democrats want the president to run for another term next year, down from 52% who said the same just prior to last year's midterm elections.

"I, honestly, think that he would be too old," one respondent from North Carolina was quoted as saying. "We could use someone younger in the office."

Not everyone shares those concerns, however, with a Kansas respondent remarking that Biden "seems to be in pretty good condition in my opinion."

"You might be a little more careful going down the steps as you get older, but if your brain is still working, that’s the important part," she added.

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