Poll shows younger voters breaking with Biden over Israel

November 29, 2023

There are signs that President Joe Biden's response to the war between Israel and Hamas may doom his reelection efforts. Specifically, Biden's lukewarm approach could disappoint his base even as it alienates mainstream Americans.

That's according to a report published on Tuesday by ABC News, which looked how younger voters are turning on the president.

Most younger voters favor Palestinians over Israel

It cited a poll put out by Quinnipiac University earlier this month showing that 52% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 have more sympathy for the Palestinians than they do for Israel.

Those figures represent a sharp contrast with the electorate at large, which backs Israel over the Palestinians by a 30-point margin.

Meanwhile, an NBC News poll released last week found that only 34% of registered voters approve of how Biden is handling events in the Middle East while 56% disapprove.

Consultant says Middle East is "a dividing line" for Democrats

However, his disapproval figure shot up to 70% when the issue was put to voters aged 34 and under. Interestingly, even 51% of Democrats don't like how he has approached the issue.

Those figures could have major implications next November, as exit polls in 2020 reported that Biden was supported by 60% of voters under 30.

Brian Goldsmith works with the political consulting firm Kona Media, and he told ABC News, "The politics of this with younger Democrats are complicated right now. This is clearly a dividing line, especially for Democrats under 35."

"I don't want [Biden] to take my vote for granted"

One of those dissatisfied voters is a 30-year-old woman named Gabriela who cast a ballot for Biden three years ago. She is disappointed that Biden hasn't done more to push Israel towards a permanent ceasefire.

"That's a long, long ways from what Biden could do for Gaza if he wanted to and far from what I would personally need to see to regain confidence in Biden as a candidate," Gabriela said of his efforts thus far.

She also complained that the president "could have done more for student loan relief, immigration and to enshrine abortion rights in federal law or queer rights."

Gabriela went on to tell ABC News that while she continues to vote in local elections, "I don't want [Biden] to take my vote for granted and just assume that because he's the lesser of two evils that I'll just vote for him."

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