Poll: Trump gains more support after arrest and debate absence

September 2, 2023

Recent polling data reveals that even after skipping town and being absent from the GOP debate, Donald Trump's support among potential Republican primary voters has increased. 

According to a Business Insider report, 62% of potential GOP primary voters believe Trump has the best chance of defeating current President Joe Biden. This marks an increase from 53% just a week ago.

Trump's rivals lose ground

While Trump's numbers have risen, his potential rivals have not fared as well. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for instance, saw his numbers drop to just 13% in the same poll.

Trump's absence from the recent GOP debate did not go unnoticed. Most candidates openly declared their support for him, should he become the nominee.

Trump chose to skip the debate, opting instead for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The interview was released just five minutes before the debate started.

Arrest sparks social media frenzy

Adding to the drama, Trump was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia, last Thursday. The arrest came after a sprawling indictment accused him and 18 others of attempting to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia.

His mugshot became an instant social media sensation, marking the first time a former U.S. President has been photographed in this manner.

Despite the legal troubles, Trump's popularity seems to be holding steady, if not increasing.

National polls show Trump in the lead

According to an average of national polls by FiveThirtyEight, Trump currently enjoys an average support of 50.3%. This puts him 35.5 percentage points ahead of DeSantis, who is in second place.

It's clear that Trump's recent events have not deterred his base. Rather, they seem to have galvanized it.

Many political analysts are puzzled by this phenomenon, questioning how legal and ethical controversies seem to be working in Trump's favor.

Implications for the 2024 Presidential race

The data suggests that Trump remains a formidable contender for the 2024 Presidential race.

His recent arrest and debate no-show have, paradoxically, made him more appealing to a significant portion of potential Republican primary voters.

As the political landscape continues to shift, it remains to be seen how these events will impact the long-term prospects of Trump and other GOP candidates.

In a surprising turn of events, Trump's legal troubles and debate absence have boosted his polling numbers.

His rivals, on the other hand, have seen a decline in support, raising questions about the dynamics of the upcoming GOP primary.

As the 2024 election approaches, Trump's unorthodox political journey continues to captivate the nation.

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