Polling suggests few Americans buying Biden's story on economy

 April 30, 2023

As President Joe Biden continues to spin a narrative of American economic prosperity, poll numbers and voter sentiment increasingly suggest that few are actually being swayed by what some might characterize as an abusive form of administration gaslighting.

With economic worries playing a significant role in Biden's low approval numbers, the White House might do well start adjusting its messaging to reflect what millions of Americans know to be their daily reality.

Rose-colored glasses

Someone who had no other exposure to information on the state of the American economy than the tweets coming out of the Biden White House might well be amazed by the robustness and optimism found therein.

Such an individual would surely be impressed by the president's declaration that he is “building an economy” for the “middle class” and the unions responsible for its creation.

Biden's assertion that his administration is “investing in America” and has “already made it easier to afford necessities from child care to health care to internet” would certainly make a favorable impression.

The president's pledge that “We're not done yet,” would perhaps nudge that same observer to cast a ballot in the next election on behalf of such a powerful force for economic good.

Not so fast, Joe

The problem with such a portrayal, however, is that it simply is not true, and millions of Americans know that all too well from their own personal experience.

Indeed, the deep skepticism among the electorate regarding Biden's economic claims was borne out in the latest Gallup presidential job approval poll numbers, which put his rating at a dismal 37%.

That figure represents the lowest point in his presidency to date, with his approval rating typically having hovered in the low 40s for much of his term thus far.

Significantly, only 31% of the all-important independent voter block indicated approval of Biden's job performance, a potentially bad sign for his 2024 prospects.

Ineffective spin

Try as he might to paint a rosy picture of what is happening in the American economy as he embarks on a reelection bid, Biden will have a hard time hiding from the fact that few are buying what he is selling.

As the Gallup poll revealed, the state of the economy is pulling Biden's approval further and further down, with only 16% of respondents describing economic conditions as either “excellent” or “good.”

A staggering 47% of poll participants went so far as to deem the economy “poor,” an assessment that stands in stark contrast to the scenario the administration insists represents reality.

While Democrats tend to assume that they can persuade Americans to indefinitely suspend disbelief when it comes to the economy, Biden's approval numbers suggest that no amount of wishful thinking will get them to the result they desire.

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