Pop star Samantha Fox arrested following drunken plane incident

 January 22, 2024

British rock musician Samantha Fox rose to fame in the 1980s with such hits as "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" and "I Wanna Have Some Fun."

However, Fox made headlines for a far less glamorous reason this past weekend after the pop star was arrested on a plane. 

Singer spends night in jail

According to the New York Post, Fox was onboard a British Airways flight that was set to take off for Munich, Germany when she got into a fight with another passenger.

The plane left the runway at Heathrow Airport and taxied back to the terminal whereupon police took Fox into custody.

The 56-year-old musician reportedly spent the night in jail after being arrested on suspicion of being drunk on board an aircraft.

This resulted in the flight being canceled and passengers forced to stay at a hotel before departing the following day. For her part, Fox released a statement saying that she was "deeply sorry for any disruption caused."

Fox lost her younger sister to a heart attack last year

The Post pointed out that Fox grappled with tragedy last March after her younger sister Vanessa suffered a heart attack.

The tragedy occurred just days after she appeared as a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef, a fact which she spoke about during an interview with "The One Show."

"I’d practiced [for MasterChef] for a good couple of weeks with my sister as my sister is a fantastic cook," the Post quoted her as saying.

"She's always done the best Cottage Pie ever and so we practiced together and I taped it – she's my younger sister, you can hear her bossing me around and going 'you’ve got to clear as you go, clear as you go! Unfortunately, I lost my sister just after the filming of MasterChef," Fox recalled.

Sister attempted to defend Fox from drunken father

Fox also recalled in a 2017 interview with The Mirror how her sister once came to her aid after their alcoholic father turned violent.

"I thought he was going to kill me and begged him to stop. When I tried to get up he kicked me so hard in the stomach it winded me and he wouldn’t stop," she said.

"My sister Vanessa heard what was going on and jumped on his back to get him off me," the veteran star went on to explain.

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