Pope Francis has pre-signed a resignation letter in case of bad health circumstances

 December 19, 2022

According to Breitbart, interesting news regarding Pope Francis' future resignation was revealed this week, which could happen under certain conditions. 

Early on in his career as the pope, he reportedly gave a letter to then-Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, informing him that if certain complications arise in his career, he would resign from the position.

News of his preemptive resignation circumstances was previously unknown.

The revelations came via an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC.

"Medical impediment"

Pope Francis revealed in the interview that should he ever become seriously ill, presumably sick enough to not make decisions for himself, his resignation letter is signed and ready for action.

"I already signed my resignation," the pope said. "It was when Tarcisio Bertone was secretary of state. I signed the resignation and told him: ‘In case of medical impediment or whatever, here is my resignation. You have it.’"

"It’s the first time I’ve said it," Francis said. "Now maybe someone will go and ask Bertone: ‘Give me that letter’ (laughing). He surely would have handed it over to the new secretary of state. I gave it to him as Secretary of State."

"That's why I'm telling you"

"I don’t know who Bertone gave it to, but I gave it to him when he was secretary of state," the pope added.

Pope Francis engaged in a little friendly banter with the ABC reporter after they asked if the information regarding his pre-signed resignation should be available to the public.

"That’s why I’m telling you," the pope reportedly said in response.

Breitbart noted:

Vatican News noted that the precedent of Pope Paul VI referred to by Francis is contained in a 2018 book edited by Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, which disclosed that Pope Paul declared in 1965 that he would renounce in case of disabling illness.

According to Fox News, Pope Francis turned 86 on Sunday. Most of his medical-related issues, as far as the public is aware, deal with chronic knee issues that have limited his ability to walk significantly. He also had an operation in 2021 to repair a narrowing bowel.

As far as his walking issues, Pope Francis doesn't seem to be worried about that affecting his job performance. "One governs with the head, not the knee," he said.

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