Pope Francis Hospitalized For Tests After Latest Health Scare

 February 29, 2024

Pope Francis has been taken to the hospital.

The Pope is 87 years old.

It has been confirmed that the Pope was suffering from the flu, which was the cause of the visit to the hospital.

Statement on Pope's hospitalization

“After the general audience Pope Francis went to the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital for some diagnostic tests. At the end he returned to the Vatican,” the statement said.

We are glad to hear that the Pope seems to be doing better after a run-in with the flu.

However, Pope Francis’ health has not historically been the best.

On several occasions during recent past years, the Pope has been unwell and faced alarming health problems.

Previous illnesses

In 2020, the Pope took very ill from what was believed to have been a bad cold. The illness ended in the Pope missing the Vatican’s retreat.

Fast forward to 2021, Pope Francis had to have a portion of his colon removed and even spent a week and a half recovering inside a hospital.

Needless to say, at 87 and nearly wheelchair-bound, combined with his fragile health, the Pope’s funeral is already planned.

According to the Pope, he says he will be buried in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, located in Rome.

The decision to forgo being buried inside of the Vatican will make him the first Pope in over 100 years to choose somewhere different for their final resting place.

The history

The Pope has been in his role back since 2013 after Pope Benedict XVI stepped down.

According to Wikipedia, when he became Pope, he became the very first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere and the very first one raised outside of Europe in centuries.

Since becoming the Pope, he has accomplished much during his time serving as head of the Catholic church.

We may not know how much longer the Pope has left, but we hope the remainder of his life is peaceful and illness-free.

Prayers for the Pope

We pray for a speedy recovery for Pope Francis and hope he is back in action soon.

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