Pope undergoes surgery for incisional hernia

 June 8, 2023

Breitbart reported that Pope Francis was taken to the hospital on Wednesday morning to undergo surgery for an incisional hernia. 

The website pointed to a statement from Holy See Press Office director Matteo Bruni which explained that the pontiff was taken to Rome’s Gemelli University Hospital.

Surgical procedure finished "without complications" after three hours

There, the 86-year-old pope underwent "a surgical operation of laparotomy and plastic surgery of the abdominal wall with prostheses under general anesthesia."

Bruni explained that this course of action was made necessary by an "incarcerated incisional hernia that is causing recurring, painful and worsening sub-occlusive syndromes."

Vatican News tweeted on Wednesday that the surgery lasted three hours and had been a success, having been conducted "without complications."

Pope prayed before relic prior to undergoing abdominal surgery

The Catholic News agency made a similar announcement and called on believers to pray that the pope can make "a quick recovery."

Meanwhile, EWTN News reported that Francis prayed before a relic of St. Thérèse of Lisieux not long before his hospital visit.

Pontiff had to be hospitalized for three days in March due to respiratory infection

According to the John Hopkins Medicine website, "an incisional hernia occurs at or in close proximity to a surgical incision through which intestine, organ or other tissue protrudes."

"Incisional hernias result from a weakening of the abdominal muscle due to a surgical incision," the website goes on to explain.

Breitbart pointed out that Francis was operated on in July of 2021 for diverticular stenosis, something which resulted in 13 inches of his colon being removed.

Abdominal problems have not been the 86-year-old pope's only health concerns, as Breitbart reported in March that Francis was hospitalized for three days after contracting a respiratory infection.

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