Pregnant restaurant owner in downtown Seattle shot and killed in random and unprovoked attack

 June 17, 2023

Elections have consequences, sometimes fatal, as an unfortunate resident and business owner in Seattle, Washington, as well as her injured spouse and grieving friends, learned the hard way this week.

Eina Kwon, 34, a restaurant owner who was eight months pregnant, was randomly shot and killed at close range while sitting in her car at an intersection in downtown Seattle on Tuesday, according to the New York Post.

Kwon, who was shot four times in the head and chest, was pronounced dead at a hospital, as did her baby following a brief struggle to survive following an emergency cesarean section surgery to deliver it. Kwon's husband, Sung Kwon, 37, was also injured in the random and unprovoked shooting but was treated and released the next day.

Suspect charged with murder, held on $10 million bail

Seattle's local Fox affiliate reported that the suspect in the shooting, Cordell Maurice Goosby, 30, is currently being held in custody in King County on $10 million bail and faces several felony charges, including first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

According to prosecutors, "The requested bail amount appropriately reflects the extreme danger this defendant poses to the community if released from confinement. The defendant refused to appear at his first appearance on this matter and refused to appear for his bond hearing."

Goosby could also soon face an additional first-degree murder charge for the death of Kwon's baby, as well as other charges related to the fact that he had at least one prior felony conviction in Illinois, a warrant out for his arrest in Indiana, and used a handgun in the shooting that had been reported stolen and he was prohibited from possessing due to his criminal record.

Video shows attack was random and unprovoked

Local NBC affiliate KING5 reported that the incident, which was caught entirely on surveillance camera footage, occurred around 11 am on Tuesday when the Kwons, presumably on their way to the sushi restaurant they owned, were gunned down at random while sitting at an intersection in downtown Seattle.

Goosby, who was swiftly arrested in the vicinity of the shooting, immediately placed his hands up and confessed "I did it, I did it" when approached by the arresting officers. He then told the officers that he had shot the two victims because he had seen a gun in their car and believed his life was threatened.

However, per the video footage of the incident, Goosby is alleged to have run up to the driver's side door of the car with his arm extended and fired several shots before running away. Police say there were no prior interactions between the shooter and the victims and the attack appeared to be completely random.

End result of progressive policies

This random and deadly violent incident in downtown Seattle has exposed the very real danger that residents and business owners face due in large part to the policies of the progressive politicians who run the city, as evidenced by some of the comments from friends of the victim and witnesses to the horrific murder of an innocent pregnant woman in broad daylight.

Michael Hoyle, a friend of Kwon, told KIRO7 that she was "a really, really giving" and "selfless person" who leaves behind a devastated family, and said of her wounded husband, "Who’s gonna make sure that he can sustain a restaurant now that he’s gone through this tragedy?"

As to the crime itself, Hoyle, who described himself as angry instead of sad, said, "You can’t prevent this, not unless there’s policy change. I’m angry and there needs to be action."

Eric Tanaka, who runs four businesses in Seattle's downtown area, told the outlet, "When something like this happens, it kind of colors the argument against coming back. Why should I come downtown -- it’s dangerous? It’s hard to counter that at this point. I would like to see more police downtown walking the streets."

Lisa McGee, who lives and works in the area, told local outlet KOMO News, "It’s a shame that such a pretty city has become so grungy and unsafe to the point where I don’t even want to work downtown anymore. I'm definitely scared to be in this area. Action needs to happen quick."

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