President calls white supremacy the "most dangerous" threat to America

 May 14, 2023

In a move some critics have condemned as an insane act of race baiting, President Joe Biden recently declared that white supremacy is America's "most dangerous terrorist threat."

According to Fox News, Biden made the claim on Saturday while speaking to graduates of the historically black Howard University.

"I say this wherever I go"

Biden at one point boasted of standing "against the poison of white supremacy as I did in my inaugural address," something he called "the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland."

"And I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]. I say this wherever I go," Biden declared to laughter from his audience.

Author Jon Miltimore was among those to accuse Biden of seeking to promote division. He tweeted, "The Democratic Party spent most of the 19th Century and much of the 20th using overt racism to win elections."

"Did anyone talk like this in the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s or even 2010’s?"

"They are doing [it] again in the 21st century. The racism just looks a lot different than the 19th century version," he added.

Outkick's Clay Travis tweeted, "Did anyone talk like this in the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s or even 2010’s? Of course not. Yet suddenly white supremacy is the BIGGEST THREAT in America? I don’t even think it’s one of the 50 biggest threats."

FBI data shows whites are more often victims than perpetrators of interracial killings

Biden's claim that white supremacists are the biggest threat to Americans does not appear to be supported by violent crime statistics.

Indeed, FBI data shows that white people are far more often the victims of interracial murder than they are the perpetrators of it.

According to the FBI's 2019 Uniform Crime Report, 566 white victims were killed by attackers from a different racial background while the race of another 83 assailants was not reported.

In contrast, white criminals murdered just 303 non-white victims, with the race of another 51 victims being unknown.

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