President skips NATO dinner, staff cite heavy workload

 July 13, 2023

Leaders from the 31-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) traveled for a summit in Lithuania's capital city of Vilnius this week.

Yet while the gathering was focused on standing up to Russia's Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden is said to have surrendered to fatigue. 

Biden skipped opening dinner

According to the New York Post, the president "raised eyebrows on Tuesday" by choosing not to join other heads of state at an opening dinner.

An unnamed official was quoted as saying that the 80-year-old had to rest up as he had "four full days of official business" and needed to prepare "for a big speech" on Wednesday.

That led some observers to point out how the commander in chief just spent last weekend on the beach in his home state of Delaware. The critics included Abigail Marone, who serves as communications director for Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley.

"He almost worked a whole standard work week."

She tweeted out an image of Biden sprawled out on a beach chair that was captioned with the words, "Biden, literally *3* days ago."

Conservative commentator Shashank Tripathi spoke up as well, joking, "He almost worked a whole standard work week. He needs a break!"

Report: Biden frequently lashes out at staff

The story comes in the wake of a report from Axios that Biden frequently becomes frustrated and harangues staff with profanity laced rants.

"Behind closed doors, Biden has such a quick-trigger temper that some aides try to avoid meeting alone with him. Some take a colleague, almost as a shield against a solo blast," contributor Alex Thompson wrote.

The National Institute on Aging notes how those suffering from dementia "may become agitated or aggressive" and can be a sign "that a person is restless or worried."

Meanwhile, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski recently complained that White House staff aren't doing enough to hide the president's infirmities, saying, "It makes me mad."

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