Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'part ways' with Spotify after failing to come through on deal

 June 17, 2023

Spotify is still showing signs of financial trouble, so it makes sense that the company would begin dropping dead weight, starting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

The two made headlines originally when they inked a $25 million deal with the streaming music service, but apparently fell well short of their promises to create content.

That ultimately led to this week's announcement that the two's media company, Archewell Audio, split with the streaming service.

According to Fox News, when the deal between the the two entities was struck in 2020, it was called "a multiyear partnership with Spotify … to create podcasts and shows that would tell stories through diverse voices and perspective."

What happened?

Instead of following through on what the original deal was supposed to be, only one podcast series with 12 episodes was produced.

Fox News noted:

The couple produced one podcast called "Archetypes." The podcast, which Meghan hosted, debuted in August 2022 and totaled 12 episodes.

"When the agreement with Spotify was first announced," the BBC reported, "it was billed as a relationship which would produce several series – but in the end, only one materialised."

The two were slammed across social media, as they typically are.

Spotify executive speaks

Spotify's head of global sports content, Bill Simmons, held nothing back this week as he torched the two, calling them "grifters."

"'The f***ing grifters.' That’s the podcast we shoulda launched with them. I gotta get drunk one night and tell the story of the Zoom I had with Harry to try and help him with a podcast idea. It’s one of my best stories," Simmons said in a recent episode of his own podcast.

One Twitter user wrote, "At some point in the Near Future, even Hollywood will get tired of supporting these 2 Grifters."

Only time will tell if the two ink future similar deals, but given that it doesn't appear that they're willing to come through on their end of the bargain, they'll have a hard time doing so.

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