Prince Harry to skip wedding where Prince William will serve as an usher

 May 21, 2024

The United Kingdom's biggest wedding of the year is set to take place next month when Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, marries Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral.

Yet while Prince William has been asked to serve as an usher, his brother will apparently be missing from the event. 

Prince Harry no longer speaks with William

That's according to Newsweek, which pointed out in an article published on Monday that Prince Harry's absence is particularly conspicuous.

This is because Harry and Grosvenor are known to be close friends, with the latter serving as godfather to Harry's eldest son, 5-year-old Prince Archie.

Nevertheless, Harry will stay home, apparently to avoid conflict with his brother. The younger prince said during an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" last year that he and William no longer speak.

Host Anderson Cooper also brought up passages from Harry's autobiography "Spare" in which Harry said the problems with William began long before his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle.

Harry wrote of William's "familiar scowl"

In one, he described William's "familiar scowl, which had always been his default in dealings with me, his alarming baldness, more advanced than my own, his famous resemblance to Mummy which was fading with time, with age."

Harry also alleged that William instructed him to pretend they didn't know one another while both were attending the same school.

"Even when you were in the same school, in high school. Your brother told you, 'Pretend we don't know each other,'" Cooper said.

Prince denies that his wife drove him and William apart

"Yeah, and at the time it hurt. I couldn't make sense of it. I was like, 'What do you mean? We're now at the same school,'" Harry replied.

"Like, 'I haven't seen you for ages, now we get to hang out together.' He's like, 'No, no, no, when we're at school we don't know each other,'" the prince recalled.

"And I took that personally. But yes, you're absolutely right, you hit the nail on the head. Like, we had a very similar traumatic experience, and then we— we dealt with it two very different ways," Harry added, referring to the death of their mother, Princess Diana.

The prince asserted that his book gives "a full picture of the situation as we were growing up, and also squashes this idea that somehow my wife was the one that destroyed the relationship between these two brothers."

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