Prince William has title of 'One Pint Willy' regarding his drinking habits, royal cousin says

 December 21, 2023

Mike Tindall, the husband of Princess Anne's daughter Zara, revealed that the heir to the throne Prince William has a very interesting nickname related to his drinking: "One-Pint Willy."

"The Prince of Wales is known to me as 'One Pint Willy' because he's not the best of drinkers. Coming from a sport where it is built on the social aspect and a couple of beers being sunk quite often," Tindall said on the "Seven: Rob Burrow" podcast with his wife, according to Fox News.

"That is one I will definitely give away for the Prince of Wales. ‘One Pint Willy.’ It's out there now, sorry sir."

Prince William and Zara are first cousins, which means Tindall is the late Queen Elizabeth's grandson-in-law.

"So much trouble"

Zara said that Tindall was going to be in "so much trouble" for making the nickname public. "A lot of those nicknames kind of fly around," Zara laughed.

The nickname came up during a discussion on the podcast of different pet names their circle had for each other.

"We basically call each other ‘munchkins’ a lot, don’t we? Or ‘my love,'" Mike added.

Zara shared that she calls her husband "munchkin," "Mikey" or "Michael Tindall" when he is "not listening," she joked.

"He is in my phone as something else, and it ends with ‘kitten,’" Zara playfully replied.

"You can fill the first word in," Mike joked.

More about Tindall

Tindall is a former professional rugby player; he and Zara have three children.

Prince William is married to Kate Middleton, and they also have three children: George, 10; Louis, 8; and Charlotte, 5.

William, 41, is the oldest child of King Charles III, and is first in line to inherit the throne.

Podast host Rob Burrow is a retired Leeds Rhino rugby star who has motor neurone disease and communicates through voice recordings made before he lost the ability to speak.

Tindall also hosts a podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby with James Haskell and Alex Payne, which he started in 2020. In September, the hosts made a podcast at Windsor Castle where they interviewed William, Kate and Princess Anne.

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