Prior to Super Tuesday, the Biden-Harris campaign lists new personnel

 March 1, 2024

Three key personnel have been hired by the Biden-Harris re-election campaign in preparation for Super Tuesday next week, according to Fox News.

News of the hires broke Tuesday afternoon from Politico, citing "two people familiar with the decision," this along with First Lady Jill Biden working on behalf of the mentally taxed president, seems to indicate that the White House is pulling out all the stops ahead of the election.

Alana Mounce has been appointed political director of the campaign. Meredith Horton has been appointed national director for voter protection and access. Roohi Rustum has been appointed national organizing director.

The official declaration was made one day subsequent to an estimated 15% of Democrats in Michigan casting a vote against President Biden as the party's nominee, with the majority of the opposition going to the "Uncommitted" option.

Interesting Timing

The recent additions are joining the campaign days before Super Tuesday, which takes place on March 5. On that day, hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in the primaries of several states.

In a statement published on Wednesday, campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said that the "battle-tested operatives" would assist in various capacities to bolster the campaign's efforts.

"I’m thrilled to have these battle-tested operatives join our team. This is a team with unparalleled expertise, creativity, and grit that will be critical to winning this November," said Rodriguez.

"We’re excited that Alana – a seasoned Biden-Harris operative – will lead our political operation. She is a proven and trusted leader who knows the importance of mobilizing the Biden-Harris coalition and will be masterful at leading our political efforts."

Campaign general counsel Maury Riggan offered similar sentiments, saying, "Meredith will be an invaluable asset to lead our voter protection and access program.

"Her expertise will spearhead the essential role our campaign will have in protecting every American’s fundamental right to participate in our democracy – especially critical, as MAGA Republicans openly embrace election denialism and work relentlessly to restrict the right to vote."

More from Biden Campaign

Additionally, on Wednesday, Biden's campaign declared that in November it would initiate a nationwide effort to win over women. Jill Biden will organize "Women for Biden-Harris," according to the campaign.

In the end, Biden emerged victor in the Democratic primary in Michigan, despite a final effort by Arab Americans to "abandon" him on account of his continued backing of Israel in their conflict against Hamas.

Fourteen states and American Samoa will participate in the presidential election on Super Tuesday: Arkansas, Virginia, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Vermont.

Mounce formerly served as the director of ballot access for the campaign. She joined the campaign after serving as the deputy political director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach at the White House. She formerly held the position of political director at the Democratic National Committee and has worked on the campaigns of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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