Pro-abortion group targets possible Trump running mates

 April 24, 2024

As this year's election draws inevitably closer, speculation is growing over who former President Donald Trump might pick as his running mate.

However, the pro-abortion group EMILYs List recently made clear that it is ready to attack whatever person Trump ends up selecting. 

Group warns of "huge threat to our reproductive rights"

According to The Hill, EMILYs List put out a press release on Tuesday announcing that it will target 14 "extremist" Republican figures who are considered likely vice presidential candidates.

"Abortion is on the ballot this year like never before, so for the first time in EMILYs List history the 2024 ‘On Notice’ list focuses on Trump's 'Veepstakes' pool to send a clear message to voters," the group declared.

"While these candidates may be different in many ways, one thing is clear: no matter who he picks, the GOP ticket will be a huge threat to our reproductive rights," it continued.

"Trump and the members of his VP shortlist support an extreme anti-abortion agenda that further endangers reproductive rights in America, from abortion to IVF to birth control," the group went on to insist.

GOP senator reviews late-term abortion technique

Members of Emily's List aren't the only ones who have been talking about abortion, as Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy raised eyebrows in February when he questioned a witness about the subject at a hearing.

Kennedy went over the facts concerning an abortion technique known as dilation and evacuation, which is used up until the end of  the second trimester.

He began by gesturing toward an illustration of a fetus at 21 weeks before remarking to Center on Opportunity and Social Mobility adjunct fellow Leslie Ford that the child is "pretty developed" and "can feel pain."

"She might start with the legs and pull them out"

"First the doctor would dilate the cervix and then the doctor would take what's called...a sopher clamp. It's really, a pair of pliers with sharp teeth on the end," Kennedy explained.

"And without giving the baby any pain medication, the doctor would go through the vagina, though the uterus, and start tearing the baby apart. Is that right?" the senator asked Ford.

"And she might start with the legs and pull them out, and the arms and pull them out, right? And then she might go for the heart or the spine and just pull the baby out piece by piece. Is that right? Without giving the baby pain medication?" Kennedy added.

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