Pro-Israel group condemns Biden's call for a two-state solution

 April 26, 2024

A coalition of pro-Israel Christian and Jewish leaders gathered in Washington to condemn President Biden's demand for a two-state solution.

Israel's current government rejects any notion of Palestinian statehood as an existential threat, but Biden has advocated a two-state solution as the only legitimate answer to the decades-long conflict.

Keep God's Land, which supports Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank territory, spoke out against Biden's plans at an event in Washington D.C.

Biden's solution dismissed

Palestinians consider the West Bank, a territory that lies along the Jordan River, to be central to their ambitions of statehood.

But the region, home to hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers and roughly 3 million Palestinians, is contested by some Israelis who refer to the area in biblical terms as Judea and Samaria and consider it to be the heart of the Jewish homeland, as well as a core security interest.

A December poll found that 82% of Palestinians in the West Bank think Hamas was justified in attacking Israel on Oct. 7.

Former Trump ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who sits on the leadership of Keep God's Land, argued Palestinians are too extreme to have their own state at a gathering in Washington on Tuesday.

“There is no pathway to statehood for people who feel that way,” he said. “God gave this land to the Jewish people, and the Jewish people can’t give it away.”

Who wants a two-state solution?

The other guests at the Keep God's Land event included Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fl.), Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-Ny.), Israeli lawmaker Ohad Tal, and Trump’s faith adviser Pastor Paula White.

Polling since October 7 has found that Israelis no longer support a two-state solution, and that a majority of Palestinians approve of October 7.

Still, Biden has held out the two-state solution as the "only" viable path to peace in the region.

Biden signed a massive foreign aid package this week that included $26 billion for Israel and $1 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza.

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