Pro-life activist Mark Houck recounts harrowing FBI raid at congressional hearing

 May 18, 2023

Pro-life activist Mark Houck gave a harrowing account to Congress Tuesday of the shock-and-awe raid of his home by armed agents of the Biden regime.

The show of force "traumatized" his seven children, the Catholic father told a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing Tuesday.

Houck shared his testimony at a hearing on "revisiting the implications" of the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which the Biden administration has abused to target pro-lifers like Houck. The law makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to block abortion access.

Before his acquittal in January, Houck was facing 11 years in prison for shoving a Planned Parenthood volunteer who Houck says was harassing his 12-year-old son.

Pro-life activist speaks out

The FBI raided Houck's home nearly a year after the October 2021 incident and despite local law enforcement declining to pursue a case. Houck told the committee that he offered to surrender, but the feds didn't return his lawyer's phone calls.

Then, one September morning, he woke up to armed federal agents banging on the door.

"I had five federal agents on my doorstep at six thirty in the morning, with long guns pointed at me and my seven children. They banged on the door and said, 'open up.' They did not even declare who they were that day."

The purpose of the raid was "to humiliate me, to scare my children, and to instill fear in pro-life America," he said.

"My children were downrange of many guns and they screamed through the whole process. The committee should know that they were traumatized, and I proceeded to be shackled in front of them and chained to a table for six hours in the federal building."

Selective enforcement

Houck said his family has been left with an abiding fear of law enforcement, saying his children are "confounded" that "the good guys" are being targeted.

Republicans have slammed the Biden DOJ for weaponizing law enforcement against conservatives and pro-lifers while at the same time overlooking violent acts of terror from the left.

At Tuesday's hearing, committee chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA) observed that just four indictments have been brought against pro-abortion extremists, whereas the DOJ has "unleashed" law enforcement on pro-lifers.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that people like Houck have targets on their backs, citing a since rescinded FBI memorandum that described "radical traditionalist" Catholics as a terrorist threat.

"You may not go to Latin Mass, but they thought you were radical," Jordan said.

Attorney General Merrick Garland told Republicans earlier this year that investigators haven't been able to track down the people responsible for attacking pro-life centers because the violent acts happen at night, while pro-life protests usually happen in the daytime.

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